Facial Aesthetics

non-surgical facial rejuvenation & anti-sweating treatments

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Dentist have the perfect skills for delivering this type of cosmetic treatment safely and comfortably. Although practically anybody can provide this sort of treatment, dentists uphold medical standard hygiene and infection control. They also have the skills and knowledge of facial anatomy and injectables that would leave you feeling in safe hands.

Facial rejuvenation treatments are used to help soften expression lines and define facial contours either by the careful use of wrinkle relaxation injections or injectable fillers.

anti-wrinkle injections

Often referred to as “Botox” injections being one of the leading brand names of the Botulinum Toxin used in this sort of treatment. Crease lines and wrinkles such as crow’s feet and frown lines are part of the natural maturing process caused by a combination of aging, sun damage and the normal movement of the muscles in facial expression. Anti-wrinkle injections can be used to relax certain facial muscles. This means that the overlying skin stays smoother and creases gradually diminish. The result is a more serene and youthful look. Treatment is not permanent and lasts on average for 3-4 months.

anti-sweat injections

The same form of treatment (utilising Botulinum Toxin) can be applied to inactivate sweat glands. This can be used very successfully to prevent excess sweating in the underarm region. This usually lasts for 3-4 months.

fee guide

  • Consultation for facial rejuvenation treatments – FREE
  • Anti-wrinkle Injections – from £185.00
  • Anti-sweating underarm treatment – from £449.00

Prices depend on the number of areas treated. Individual quotations given. Discounts available for multiple treatments.

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